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2019 Caribou Pricing Announced

CSAH has announced its new pricing for the 2019 caribou season. The 6 day packages (5 days hunting) are $ 7795 from Winnipeg . These hunts are Sept. 5-11,11-17. The 7 day trip (6 days hunting) is $ 7995 from Winnipeg. The trophy fee on the first caribou is $ 2000.A second caribou option can be purchased for an additional $ 1500. These hunt packages include our unique charter flight from Winnipeg. No other lodge offers this with our 5400′ private runway , certified and with our new GPS approach. We use Calm Air’s combi ATR 42, a large spacious plane seating up to 30 people. Guests can take 120 lbs. of meat home along with capes and racks. No racks will be split. Licenses and taxes are extra. For more info, please refer to our website at www.cansubarc.com .

Fall Hunts Now feature Charters from Winnipeg

In order to bring CSAH hunters the finest, most convenient hunt possible, Gangler’s CSAH has made the decision to run our charters from Winnipeg. Hunters will depart early morning of their hunt on Calm Air’s comfortable and fast ATR 42 and should be arriving at the lodge by 10 am that morning. Hunters will be out in the field that day ! Return to Winnipeg will be late afternoon the last day of their hunt. All hunters’ game and racks will travel back to Winnipeg with them.  This is the quickest, most convenient hunt transportation in Manitoba.  So remote so quickly and easily !

Manitoba Caribou Hunt Still NA’s Finest

Manitoba caribou outfitters were recently invited to attend the annual meeting  of the Beverly-Kaminuriak Caribou Management Board in Winnipeg. This board consists of government and First Nations representatives and biologists from Nunavut, Manitoba, NWT, and Saskatchewan whom monitor and manage the herd. As many know, caribou herds have seen some drastic declines over the last several years. The Nunavut/Manitoba Kaminuriak herd has been the lone positive point, an extremely healthy herd and consistent migration, one of the last places on Earth to hunt trophy caribou.  What has been perplexing is a  delayed migration the last two years affecting the hunt. What came out of the meeting was excellent. While the herd has had a slight decline (not abnormal), it still is by far North America’s healthiest herd, with close to 300,000 animals estimated. There were some reassuring signs from 2016 studies of good calving rates. There is no explanation for the recent migratory delay and biologists and game managers advised it could be an anomaly with a return to normal patterns in 2017. The caribou actually got within 25 miles of the Nunavut/Manitoba border before ‘hanging up’, a minor distance in the vast scope of the area the herd actually travels  but enough to cause an issue. As of today, they are 200 miles south of the border in Manitoba.

To better accommodate our hunters, we have changed our hunt package to a basic hunt fee with trophy fees paid upon success. We feel it is a very fair package for hunting this migratory animal.