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Looking for something special ????

We are now offering  a special limited Spring Black bear hunt in 2019. The dates are June 8-15 and 15-22. There will be only two camps and space is limited to only 2 people per camp per week, a total of 8 for the season. That is 8 spring bear hunters for an entire 5,000,000 acre area. The price is $ 6595 and includes roundtrip airfare from Winnipeg. Give us a call, this is an incredible hunt with the bonus of world-class fishing.

On Archers Choice TV Now !

For those who have followed CSAH over the years, they know we are a special favorite of  Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo of Archer’s Choice. They and their crew have filmed with us over 9 times and they gave us the tag, ‘Manitoba Monsters.’ They have captured many milestones with us over the years- Vicki’s first B&C bear, Ralph’s first big cinnamon, amongst many others-  but this week’s show was special as they chose to treat son RJ and make his first Northwoods experience a very special one with us. (we were honored)  The shows are a two part series, if you have not had a chance to catch the first show, you still have an opportunity left !

Airtimes below on the Outdoor Channel-

 Manitoba Monsters Part 1-

Aug. 27  Sunday  Noon EST

 Manitoba Monsters Part 2-

Aug. 29 Tuesday  9 AM EST

Aug. 31 Thursday 5 PM EST

Sept. 1  Friday  3:30 AM EST

Sept. 3   Sunday   Noon EST