Welcome to the Gangler’s Canadian Sub-Arctic Hunting Weekly!

Home to huge black bear, moose and Central Barrenground caribou. You’ve heard the term ‘Manitoba Monsters’ –  that was created by Archer’s Choice host Ralph Cianciarulo to describe us! These are REAL hunts, in one of the most remote areas in Northern Canada,  for animals that have never seen a hunter before.

Located in the northernmost areas of Manitoba, Canada, Canadian Sub-Arctic Hunting is unique among all Big Game Hunting Guides and Outfitters. We offer Canada’s finest fly-in Black Bear Hunts, 5-star hunts for Canada Moose, Caribou, and Wolf. Each hunt includes our incredible fishing for trophy pike, lake trout, walleye, and arctic grayling (species vary by lake). This is fly-in Fishing and fly-in hunting at its finest. Our area is one of the most remote in Canada, located 160 miles from the Northernmost gravel road and just south of the 60th parallel. Our exclusive 5,000,000 acre allocation offers access to over 100 lakes and 12 rivers. It allows us to manage our areas and offer you hunt quality no other Big Game Outfitter can match.

Top-notch, High-quality black bear.  Huge Canadian moose, in some cases equaling the Alaskan/Yukon subspecies. Canada’s finest caribou hunting from its healthiest herd. Explore our site and discover why we are truly unique !

You deserve a trip to Ganglers.

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