Moose Fever in Sports Afield


moosefever1CSAH was recently featured in the November Sports Afield with a great article titled ‘Moose Fever.’ Written by Greg Thomas, editor of Fly Rod and Reel, who visited us a year ago for an incredible moose hunt and fishing combo.  It really captures the spirit of his Northern Manitoba adventure with guide Travis Merasty-

“As the moose moved farther right, Merasty tapped my shoulder and motioned me to follow. We moved ten yards and set up for a shot. When the moose appeared he was on a rock outcrop with a spruce tree covering his vitals, only his head, neck, and chest in plain view; ironically, this was the exact shot I’d turned down the previous evening. I held my fire and the moose moved again to the right, about fifteen yards. We slithered ten yards to the right, set up again, and as the moose emerged from another stand of stunted spruce, standing and looking our way, now just twenty-five yards away, Merasty said,“You better take your shot!”


Anyone’s heart pounding ? Catch the whole article here – Read More>