Monthly Archives: December 2014

Gudi’s Velvet Booner

Mrs. Gudi Duerkson’s first-ever caribou hunt ended up being an exceptional one. She was up our opening week, the first week of September. Gudi was looking forward to seeing the Northern Manitoba tundra for the first time with husband Dave and hoping for an opportunity at a nice caribou. She got that and much more.

We knew it was an exceptional animal the minute we laid eyes on it. Gudi’s caribou rough-scored 385 4/8 in velvet and it has now been officially scored at 375 2/8.  While she would have to remove the velvet for final B&C trophy certification, it is such a beautiful trophy we expect she will not.   For Gudi, what a great first experience and a magnificent animal that will be very hard to top !

Gudi caribou close