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2014 Moose Hunt On Fire

We are half way through our 2014 moose hunt and – knock on wood-  our hunters are enjoying excellent hunts. Midway thru, with 15 hunters in camp,   we have 11 moose down with four more days to go this week. We have our final 7 hunters coming in  next week.

6 of the 11 moose are 50″ or better, and 3 – 55″. Another 50″ was missed. Only one moose was under 43″.  We will keep our fingers crossed but it is shaping up into an excellent season.

One of our three 55" moose so far

One of our three 55″ moose so far

Great Opening Moose

Frosty conditions have created excellent conditions for our first week of moose.  Writer Greg Thomas enjoyed a thrilling call and stalk with guide Travis Merasty, taking a nice 43″ which they called within 15 yes. Both of them came back filled with adrenaline. Our three other moose hunters have also been busy with one 55″ taken and one 50″ missed at 75 yds. It is hard to contain the adrenaline when such a magnificent animal is coming right at you. Dark 55

First Week Excellent

We’re happy to report the first week is going VERY, VERY well with 38 of 48 animals down and two full days left to go. Our hunters were hampered by a couple of lost days of windy weather but things have stabilized and almost all are real beauties.

First Week Wall of Bone

First Week Wall of Bone